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On the Safety of Wi-Fi

Statement from Dr. Arlene King, Chief Medical Officer of Health

September 16, 2010

Recently there have been concerns raised about possible adverse health effects from radiofrequency energy emitted from wireless communication systems (Wi-Fi), particularly with regard to school children.

I want to reassure Ontarians that the use of wireless communication systems does not pose a public health risk. The standards set out by Health Canada for the use of these systems adequately safeguard the public, including school children. Health Canada has indicated that as long as exposure to radiofrequency energy emitted from Wi-Fi equipment in schools is below the established safety limits, there is no convincing scientific evidence that this equipment is dangerous to school children.

Health Canada’s standards are consistent with other jurisdictions and international guidelines for protecting human health from radiofrequency electromagnetic energy. Health Canada scientists continually review new scientific studies in this area to ensure safety guidelines are sufficient for the protection of the health and safety of Canadians.

The Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion (OAHPP) also recently completed a review of published scientific studies and reports produced by credible national and international public health agencies on the potential health impact of Wi-Fi.

Consistent with the findings of similar reviews, the OAHPP has concluded that, based on current available research, there is no evidence to indicate that use of Wi-Fi is linked to adverse effects on health, including in school children.

Protecting the health of Ontarians is a top priority and new scientific data on Wi-Fi and health will continue to be monitored.

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