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Ontario Appoints a Transitional Council of the College of Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario

The transitional Council of the College of Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario was appointed in September 2009.  Members were chosen from individuals who responded to a public call for members advertised across Ontario.

The appointment of the 13-member transitional Council marks a major step toward the regulation of psychotherapy under the legislative framework of the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991.

The transitional Council joins Joyce Rowlands, who was appointed Registrar in December 2008.

The transitional Council held its inaugural meeting on November 5, 2009, during which it elected its President, Vice-president and Executive Committee.  They are:

Julius Nathoo, President
Carol Cowan Levine, Vice-President
Phillip McKenna, Executive Committee Member
Kevin VanDerZwet Stafford, Executive Committee Member
Thomas Wall, Executive Committee Member

Biographies of all transitional Council members are provided below.

Transitional Council meetings are open to the public to observe. Future meeting dates are:

Unless otherwise noted above, all meetings will be held at the transitional Council’s office at 163 Queen Street East in Toronto.

As space is limited, members of the public who would like to observe a transitional Council meeting should provide advance notice of their interest in attending.

This can be done by email at or by telephone at 416-862-4801.

Correspondence for the President may be sent to:

Julius Nathoo, President
Transitional Council of the College of Registered Psychotherapists and
Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario
4th floor, 163 Queen Street, East
Toronto, ON  M5A 1S1

Members of the transitional Council of the College of Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario are:


Heidi Ahonen

Heidi Ahonen, Ph.D., MTA, is Professor of Music Therapy, Director of the Laurier Centre for Music Therapy Research and a Psychotherapist (state registered in Finland). She also is a member of several professional organizations and her work has been published widely. She has presented papers and workshops in Europe and North America and her most recent book is Group Analytic Music Therapy (2007).  Heidi has an extensive clinical experience, and specializes in working with traumatized adults. In addition her research program currently covers a wide range of qualitative psychotherapy research. She has developed the group analytic music therapy and supervision models, the integrated art-music therapy and the psychoauditive method.

Carol Cowan-Levine

Carol Cowan-Levine is a Child and Family Therapist with her own private practice and also works at the Hospital for Sick Children and the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and several postgraduate Diplomas in Advanced Clinical Practice. Carol has served as a Chair of the Boards of numerous hospitals and foundations including the Women’s College Hospital and Women’s College Hospital Foundation. She was also a member of the Board of Directors at Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre. Currently, Carol sits on the Advisory Board of the Child Development Institute, the Women’s College Hospital Foundation, and as an honorary Director of the Women’s College Hospital Board. 

Linda Ann Daly

Linda Ann holds a B.A., from Carleton University, a Child Care Worker (CCW) Certificate from the Royal Ottawa Hospital, and an M.P.A. from Queen's University. She coordinated and taught in the Child and Youth Work Program, St. Lawrence College, Kingston, for 23 years, completing a sabbatical year as Policy Analyst, Ministry of Community and Social Services, and a secondment as Education Project Development Officer, College Standards and Accreditation Council, Ministry of Education and Training. Linda Ann has extensive volunteer and governance experience, at both local and provincial levels, in education, the arts and healthcare, most recently serving as Chair, Board of Directors, Kingston General Hospital.

Pat DeYoung

Pat DeYoung is a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and educator. She has an M.S.W. in clinical social work and Ph.D. in philosophy of education, both degrees from the University of Toronto.  Pat was a Director of Training at the Toronto Institute of Human Relations, and since 1993 has been on the faculty of the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy.  She is the author of Relational Psychotherapy: A Primer (2003).  She has been a Board member and President of the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists.

Bikram DasGupta:

Bikram DasGupta has been a practitioner in the field of psychology for over twenty-five years where he has promoted community integration of psychiatric outpatients, managed distress centres in needy sectors, and supported wayward youth through educational and social services. He obtained a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Toronto and has taught at the post-secondary level for about eight years. Bikram is also a stress-management and adult training consultant and has researched and written extensively on psychological theory, psychotherapy, education and media ecology.

Annette Dekker:

Annette Dekker, MSW, RSW, RMFT, currently works as a Marriage and Family Therapist with the Centre for Family Medicine Family Health Team in Kitchener.   She has practiced therapy for some 30 years in various settings in Ontario.  In the last decade her practice has been enhanced by teaching graduate level courses and providing clinical supervision for some 100+ aspiring professionals.  Annette recently served as President of the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  

Jack Ferrari

Jack Ferrari, C. Psych., is a Psychologist, currently employed as Professional Practice Leader (Psychology) for St. Joseph’s Health Care, London. He has been registered with the College of Psychologists since 1981, and has worked in the field since 1974. His Doctorate is from the University of Western Ontario, and he did his undergraduate work at the University of Alberta. Jack is a former President of the Ontario Psychological Association, and served as professional member on the Council of the College of Psychologists from 1996 to 2002. In addition to his current administrative role, he maintains a small private practice in psychology, conducting assessments and therapy.

Irene Keroglidis

Irene Keroglidis is currently serving as First Vice-President of the Hellenic Home for the Aged in Toronto, Ontario. After obtaining qualifications in accounting at Ryerson and training management and leadership at the University of Toronto, Irene has extended her experience by working with public bodies at both the federal and provincial levels since the 1970s including the Film Board of Ontario, the Workers Compensation Board and the Board of Referees. She has also worked as Special Advisor to the Honourable David Collenette M.P.

Philip McKenna

Philip McKenna, was a member of the Dominican order and has served as a priest in a pastoral ministry in his native Australia and in Canada until 1968. Philip obtained his Ph.D. in Philosophy (religious language) at the University of Toronto and has taught philosophy and interdisciplinary studies since 1981. He began practicing psychotherapy in 1966 at the Therafields Environmental Centre before moving to the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy in Toronto (CTP) in 1986. Philip has been the CTP Registrar since 1999.

Julius Nathoo

Julius Benajmin Nathoo, who was born in British Guiana, holds a B.A. from the University of London, England, a postgraduate diploma in Education from Guyana and a Master of Arts from the University of Western Ontario. He obtained his law degree in London, England. Julius was a high-school principal in Guyana and has also taught in London and in Canada where he taught Canadian Law for 14 years at the Regina Mundi College until his retirement in 1994. From 1998-2007 Julius served as Chairperson of the Board of Referees, the federal appellate tribunal which administered the Employment Insurance Act.

Thomas O’Connor

Thomas St. James O’Connor, ThD is Professor, Delton Glebe Chair in Pastoral Counseling, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary at Wilfrid Laurier and Associate Clinical Professor, Family Medicine, McMaster. He is a supervisor in both the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (OAMFT) and the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education (CAPPE). Thomas educates and supervises pastoral counsellors and family therapists at the Mountain Site, St. Joseph’s Health Care, Hamilton and chaplains in the Owen Sound Hospital. He has authored three books and numerous articles in academic journals. Thomas’ research includes spiritual care, narrative family therapy, spirituality in connection with health and spiritual and theological reflection.

Kevin VanDerZwet Stafford

Kevin VanDerZwet Stafford is a Marriage and Family Therapist, educator, and consultant. He has been in private practice since 1997; a sessional instructor at the University of Guelph since 1996; and an external consultant to the Homewood Health Centre since 2006. Kevin was the Executive Director of the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and Advocacy Chair for the Ontario Coalition of Mental Health Professionals. 

Thomas Wall

Thomas Wall, Hons. B.A., B. Ed., M. Ed., has been on educator with the Durham District School Board for 25 years and has completed a Masters Degree from Queen’s University. He has taught in both the elementary and secondary panels including young offenders. Thomas has an extensive background in social and humanitarian causes working with families who have suffered abuse and most recently to bring sustainable development and literacy programs to Africa. He has been involved in collective bargaining and has enjoyed coaching a variety of sports in the Durham region.



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