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Committee to Evaluate Drugs

The Committee to Evaluate Drugs (CED) (formerly known as the Drug Quality and Therapeutics Committee) was established in 1968 to provide independent and specialised advice to the Ministry, including the executive officer of the Ontario public drug programs, on drug related issues. The CED performs an advisory role for the Ministry on the operations of programs designed to assist the people of Ontario to obtain prescribed pharmaceutical products of quality at reasonable cost. Its key functions are to establish, maintain, and apply criteria to evaluate the quality and therapeutic value and cost of drug products and to recommend to the Minister, including the executive officer, those products which should be considered for publicly funded drug programs, and the conditions under which such products should be funded. The CED also recommends to the executive officer which drug products should be designated as interchangeable products or listed drug products for the purposes of the Drug Interchangeability and Dispensing Fee Act, 1990 and the Ontario Drug Benefit Act, 1990 and to monitor and evaluate, on a continuous basis, the list of drugs available in the light of drug use patterns, experience and current scientific knowledge. The CED also makes recommendations, when requested, to contribute and support Ministry efforts on education about publicly funded drugs and related issues. It reviews and assesses information related to drugs and pharmaceutical products prepared for the Committee and for the Minister by selected consultants. In addition, CED acts as liaison between the Minister or executive officer and professional, educational and other groups. It provides advice on relevant drug, pharmaceutical, policy, and therapeutic questions and issues solicited or requested by the Ministry.

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