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Agency Governance

Optometry Review Committee

The Optometry Review Committee is a committee of the College of Optometrists of Ontario.

Its main function is to review accounts of optometrists referred to it by the General Manager of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, where the General Manager believes that, all or part of the services were not rendered; were not therapeutically necessary; were not in accordance with professional standards, or were misrepresented.

At the end of the review, the committee directs the General Manager to increase the amount paid to the practitioner or to require the practitioner to repay all or part of any payment made under the Plan.

Optometry Review Committee Business Plan 2014-16 [PDF | 88 Kb]
The Optometry Review Committee Business Plan includes an overview of the agency and its strategic directions for a 3 year or longer period.

Optometry Review Committee Annual Report 2014-15 [PDF | 137 Kb]
The Optometry Review Committee annual report describes agency activities and performance analysis for the year.

Optometry Review Committee Memorandum of Understanding [PDF | 182 Kb]
The Optometry Review Committee memorandum of understanding is the formal agreement between the agency Chair and the responsible Minister that sets out roles and responsibilities for the agency and ministry.

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