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Health Results Team First Annual Report 2004-2005

September 2005

This report details a focused array of efforts, milestones and achievements meant to deliver on the vision, promise and challenge of Minister Smitherman in September, 2004. One year later, our comprehensive, sustainable and effective plan on improving patient access to health care for both today and tomorrow is in full swing. We know from patients and providers that access has improved. It is our hope that this presentation of results achieved will demonstrate to the health community and providers the effectiveness of the government’s plan. Most importantly, that we are rebuilding the hope and trust Ontarians have for their Medicare system of universal access.

Nothing less should be expected and the pace of change will continue until the work is complete.

When we started out on this journey of renewal, we had a vision, a plan, and principles to operate by. Along the way, our encounters and experiences have made us the wiser. Learning has given us the knowledge of when to be flexible and when to push, when to listen and when to execute.

Praise is deserved for the health care stakeholders and the ministry itself, which have embraced the cause of improving patient access within a values- and evidenced-based, efficient, integrated and sustainable high-quality health care system. The successes of the Health Results Team would not have been possible without the generous offerings of their time, energy, expertise and creativity.

As the Executive Lead for the Health Results Team, it is my privilege to inform the ministry, the Minister and the government that it has at its disposal exceptional change leaders - from the Leads of the Health Results Team with a track record of success, to the experienced leadership of the ministry itself. From the start they have responded to the Minister’s challenge and focused on results, execution and momentum, with the belief that alignment will follow.

The team is already engaged in the next phases of the government’s plan. We are aligning the elements - people, resources, information, structures - into a new health care culture that promotes improved access to patient-centred, quality health care. We will continue to push the agenda hard in one direction, turn upon turn, and build momentum until the point of breakthrough.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Health Results Team.

Hugh MacLeod
Associate Deputy Minister
Executive Lead, Health Results Team
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
September 9, 2005

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Health Results Team First Annual Report 2004-2005
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