Organizational Structure of the Ministry of Long-Term Care

For information about the organizational structure of the Ministry of Long-Term Care, please see the Ministry Organization Chart [PDF] or the accessible version below.

  1. Merrilee Fullerton, Minister
    1. Effie Triantafilopoulos, Parliamentary Assistant
  2. Richard Steele, Deputy Minister
    1. Janice Crawford, Director, Legal Services
    2. Jessica Davidson, Director, Communications
    3. Olha Dobush, Executive Lead, Long-Term Care Stabilization
    4. Brian Pollard, Assistant Deputy Minister, Long-Term Care Operations
      1. Stacey Colameco, Director, LTC Inspections
      2. Michelle-Ann Hylton, Director, Licensing, Policy and Development
    5. Janet Hope, Assistant Deputy Minister, Long-Term Care Policy
      1. Abby Dwosh, Director, Long-Term Care Funding and Programs
      2. Kelci Gershon, Director, Long-Term Care Policy and Modernization
      3. Michael Robertson, Director, Public Inquiries
    6. Sean Court, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy, Planning and French Language Services
      1. Robert Francis, Director, Strategic Policy
      2. Allison Henry, Director, Health Workforce Regulatory Oversight
      3. Anne Hayes, Director, Research, Analysis and Evaluation
      4. Joanne Plaxton, Director, Indigenous, French Language & Priority Populations
      5. Robert Francis, Director, Policy Coordination and Intergovernmental Relations
      6. Dr. Michelle Acorn, Provincial Chief Nursing Officer
    7. Peter Kaftarian, Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Administrative Officer, Corporate Services
      1. Cherrie Lethbridge, Director, HR Strategic Business Unit
      2. Teresa Buchanan, Director, Fiscal Oversight and Performance
      3. Shelley Gibson, Director, Business Services and Facilities
      4. Jim Yuill, Director, Financial Management
      5. John Amodeo, Director, Corporate Management
    8. Michael Hillmer, Assistant Deputy Minister, Capacity Planning and Analytics
      1. Aileen Chan, Director, Health Data
      2. Jennifer Bridge, Director, Health Analytics and Insights
      3. Kamil Malikov, Director, Health Data Science
      4. David Lamb, Director, Capacity and Health Workforce Planning
    9. Karen McKibbin, Chief Information Officer, Health Services I&IT Cluster
      1. Louise Doyon, Head, Community, Mental Health and Addictions and Long-Term Care I&IT Solutions

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