Transparent Drug System for Patients Act, 2006

Notice to Stakeholders : Announcement of Executive Officer, Ontario Public Drug Programs

September 28

In April 2006, the Government of Ontario announced a package of strategies to reform the provincial drug system. The strategies fall within five areas : Good Drug System Governance and Operations; Strengthening position as a customer; Access; Appropriate Use Partnerships; and Innovation.

One of the strategies in the government's plan is the appointment of an Executive Officer for the Ontario public drug programs. Pursuant to the provisions of the Ontario Drug Benefit Act (ODBA), the Lieutenant Governor in Council has appointed Ron Sapsford, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as the Executive Officer.

The functions and powers of the Executive Officer, as set out under the ODBA, under the Drug Interchangeability and Dispensing Fee Act (DIDFA), and under any other Act or regulations, include :

  • administering the Ontario public drug programs
  • maintaining and publishing the Formulary
  • applying the ODBA with respect to the supply of drugs under section 16 of the ODBA i.e., the Exceptional Access program
  • designating products as listed drug products or substances and removing or modifying the designations
  • designating products as interchangeable with other products under the DIDFA, and removing or modifying the designations
  • establishing clinical criteria under section 23 of the ODBA
  • negotiating and entering into agreements with manufacturers
  • requiring information to be provided to support the ODBA, DIDFA, and its regulations to be in a format satisfactory to the Executive Officer
  • making authorized payments under the Ontario public drug programs.

For further information on Bill 102, the Transparent Drug System for Patients Act, including the legislation, can be found here.

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